15-kV Shielded Power Cables

Client: Koch Refining Company

Burns & McDonnell performed a study, recommend and designed improvements at Koch's East Refinery. The primary distribution system consists of 15-kV shielded power cables. Site investigations and underground probing are required to determine the most suitable routes. A primary distribution feeder loop is being designed to support four existing distribution substations that are currently on a residential utility feeder.

  • Electrical System Studies
  • Conceptual Design
  • 30 Percent Design
  • Cost Estimating
  • Equipment Specifications
  • Detailed and Construction Management


Burns & McDonnell has provided civil and structural design support for four of the company's processing plants in three states. The firm has provided designs for two 69-kV substations. One includes an elevated control building designed to withstand blasts. The other one includes a two-story concrete building enclosure for a gas-insulated substation and an industrial sewer relocation. Other support for Koch has included extensive duct-bank and cable-tray routing work, structure design and existing structure evaluation.

This project included expansion of one 69-kV substation, complete rebuilding of a second 69-kV substation and relocation of a third substation in conjunction with a major refinery expansion. Burns & McDonnell's responsibilities included complete electrical system studies, conceptual design, 30 percent design, cost estimating, equipment specifications, detailed and construction management.

Burns & McDonnell performed extensive electrical power system modeling, analysis and design for this project. Alternative arrangements were developed to improve reliability of the existing power system and allow for additional load due to several refinery expansion projects. Each alternative was evaluated in terms of cost, reliability, maintainability and constructability.

Substation design included the replacement of a conventional air-insulated 69-kV substation with a new gas-insulated substation.

The primary distribution system consists of 15-kV shielded power cables installed in cable tray and duct banks throughout the refinery. New duct banks were required to determine the most suitable routes.