104th Avenue & Sheridan Boulevard Intersection Improvements

104th Avenue & Sheridan Boulevard Intersection Improvements

Location: Westminster, Colo.

Client: City of Westminster, Colo.

Burns & McDonnell has recently completed the design and construction documents for improvements to the intersection of 104th Avenue and Sheridan Boulevard. The proposed improvements will add a third through lane on both roadways, a second left turn lane for both northbound and southbound traffic on Sheridan Boulevard, and dedicated right turn lanes on three legs of the intersection.

The intersection presently handles about 125,000 vehicles per day. Providing the additional lanes required the widening of pavement on both Sheridan Boulevard and 104th Avenue and the installation of new traffic signals and signal equipment on all four corners.

  • Field surveys
  • Right-of-way plats and easements
  • Geotechnical investigations
  • Phasing and traffic control plans
  • Utility coordination and relocation
  • Signing and marking plans
  • Design and contract documents for all proposed facilities
  • Traffic signal design 
  • Hydraulic analyses and design
  • Environmental clearances
  • Full-time resident construction engineering management

The project was jointly funded by the City of Westminster, the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), and the Urban Drainage and Flood Control District. The preparation of the design, right-of-way plans, construction documents and environmental investigations required extensive coordination with CDOT due to the involvement of federal funds. Required environmental clearances were identified and necessary permits were obtained by the Burns & McDonnell team.

The design of the roadway widening was impacted by the intersection being located near the confluence of two major drainageways: the Middle Branch of Hylands Creek and the North Branch of Hylands Creek. Within the project limits, the roadways were crossed by three drainage box culverts and a pedestrian underpass. To accommodate the 104th Avenue widening and stabilize the drainage channel, the project included the relocation of approximately 1,000 feet of Hylands Creek, including six graded boulder drop structures and the extension of an 11' x 8' and double 12' x 4' box culverts.

Environmental studies and clearances included air quality analysis, wetland mitigation, Phase I Initial Site Assessment, Individual 404 permit, SB40 certification, noxious weeds plan, prairie dog management plan and an archaeological test pit.