Sustainability Projects

2012 Sustainability Report
Location: Chicago
Client: MillerCoors

Content development for MillerCoors 2012 Sustainability Report.

99-MW Wind Energy Acquisition
Location: Minnesota
Client: Confidential

Siting and acquisition assistance for a confidential client for a 99-MW wind farm under development in Minnesota by a third party, including environmental and permitting reviews, windshield surveys, due diligence and GIS mapping.

Army Aviation Support Facility
Location: Whiteman AFB, Mo.
Client: Missouri Army National Guard

Facility to provide direct maintenance and operation support for a new battalion of AH-64 attack aircraft.

Asti Winery Solar Photovoltaic System
Location: Alexander Valley, Calif.
Client: Q10 Churchill Financial

As the bank's engineer for Q10 Churchill Financial, Burns & McDonnell provided an independent assessment of design and construction of the 1-MW Asti Winey Solar Photovoltaic System.

Biogas Utilization System for Manufacturing Facility
Location: Richland, Wash.
Client: Penford Foods

Audit, design and implementation of a first-of-its-kind "green energy" project, an industrial wastewater anaerobic digester gas utilization system for Penford Food Ingredients Co.'s Richland, Wash., modified potato starch manufacturing facility.

Corporate Environmental Responsibility Report & Greenhouse Gas Inventory
Location: Dallas
Client: AMR, parent company of American Airlines

Preparation of a corporate environmental responsibility report in which a greenhouse gas inventory was a critical component for American Airlines.

Delaware Mountain Collector Line
Location: Guadalupe Mountains National Park, Texas
Client: National Wind Power

A 9-mile, 34.5-kV vertical collector line for 40 wind turbines through difficult terraine in Guadalupe Mountains National Park in Texas for National Wind Power.

Education City Student Housing Complex
Location: Doha, Qatar
Client: Qatar Foundation

Architectural and engineering design of two energy-independent, 350,000-square-foot, six-building student housing complexes in Doha, Qatar, designed to achieve LEED Platinum certification.

Energy Performance Contract & Master Utilities Plan - UMKC
Location: University of Missouri-Kansas City
Client: University of Missouri-Kansas City

An investment grade audit and energy savings plan of the University of Missouri-Kansas City campus to identify energy cost savings to fund system retrofits and capital costs to replace the existing chilled water plant.

Interconnection Feasibility Studies
Location: California
Client: Padoma Wind Power LLC

Generation interconnection feasibility studies in California for Padoma Wind Power to identify transmission system impacts that result from a generation interconnection.

Iowa Wind Energy Acquisition
Location: Iowa
Client: Wisconsin Public Service Corp.

Due diligence for the Wisconsin Public Service Corp. for acquiring a 99-MW wind farm under development by a third party in Iowa, including environmental and permitting reviews, windshield surveys, due diligence, GIS mapping and PSCW assistance.

Joint Dining Facility
Location: Selfridge Air National Guard Base, Mich.
Client: Michigan Air National Guard

Comprehensive design and Type C services for a new 23,000-square-foot joint dining facility. Sustainable design features will conserve energy, improve the workplace environment and provide low-cost maintenance and operation.

LCDR Otis Vincent Tolbert Joint Intelligence Operations Center
Location: MacDill Air Force Base, Fla.
Client: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Mobile District

Design services for the 270,000-square-foot, administrative and specialized spaces of the LCDR Otis Vincent Tolbert Joint Intelligence Operations Center at MacDill Air Force Base in Florida; the entire facility is constructed as a sensitive compartmented information facility (SCIF).

Life Expectancy Evaluation
Location: Minnesota
Client: Minnesota Power

Life expectancy evaluation for the Taconite Ridge 1 wind farm in St. Louis County, Minn., for Minnesota Power, the developer and operator of the project.

Meridian Way Wind Farm
Location: Cloud County, Kan.
Client: Horizon Wind Energy

Engineering design for the collection system, substation and transmission for Horizon Wind Energy's Meridian Way Wind Farm in Cloud County, Kan.

Mission Critical Fuel Cell Installations
Location: Multiple sites in California and New Jersey
Client: Sprint-Nextel Corp.

Design, installation and commissioning of emergency communications fuel cell backup power systems for existing Sprint cell towers in California and New Jersey.

North Central Missouri Wind Energy
Location: North Central Missouri
Client: Confidential

An environmental and permitting review for a confidential client for a proposed wind energy project in north central Missouri, including review of wetlands, protected species, cultural resources, land use, floodplains, airport proximity and sensitive areas.

Northwestern Missouri Wind Energy
Location: Northwestern Missouri
Client: Confidential

Environmental and permitting review for a confidential client for a proposed wind energy project in northwestern Missouri, including review of wetlands, protected species, cultural resources, land use, floodplains, airport proximity and sensitive areas.

Packaged Hybrid CHP Plant
Location: Austin, Texas
Client: Austin Energy; Department of Energy; Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Provided turnkey installation of a packaged hybrid CHP energy plant for the Dell Children’s Medical Center of Central Texas.

Rail Splitter Wind Farm
Location: Logan and Tazewell counties, Ill.
Client: Horizon Wind Energy, dba Rail Splitter Wind Farm LLC

Wetland delineation and permitting for Horizon Wind Energy's proposed Rail Splitter Wind Farm in Logan and Tazewell counties, Ill.

Regional Training Institute - Phase One
Location: Bangor, Maine
Client: Maine Army National Guard

Comprehensive A/E design and construction support services for the Regional Training Institute at the Maine Army National Guard's training site in Bangor, Maine.

Smoky Hills Wind Energy Facility
Location: Ellsworth, Kan.
Client: TradeWind Energy

Professional services for preliminary design and development of a site for installation of 250-MW wind powered generating facility for TradeWind Energy near Ellsworth, Kan.

Solar Site Feasibility Study
Location: Massachusetts
Client: Western Massachusetts Electric Co., a subsidiary of Northeast Utilities Services Co.

Site and environmental assessment and conceptual design for Western Massachusetts Electric Co.'s solar electric power plants.

Southeast Kansas Wind Energy
Location: Southeast Kansas
Client: Confidential

Environmental report, including a review of wetlands, protected species, cultural resources, land use, floodplains, airport proximity, sensitive areas, visibility and noise, for a proposed wind energy project in southeast Kansas for a confidential client.

Stormwater Treatment Area 3/4
Location: Palm Beach and Broward counties, Fla.
Client: South Florida Water Management District

Conceptual design, general design memorandum and construction period engineering services for the 16,600-acre stormwater treatment area 3/4 of the Everglades Construction Project for the South Florida Water Management District, including detailed design and construction documents for two pump stations, conveyance canals, highway bridges and a new water control structure.