Environmental Studies & Permitting Projects

Archaeological Survey & Eligibility Evaluations
Location: Arkansas
Client: Dynegy Services Plum Point LLC

Site detection surveys, historica archival research, geoarchaeological investigations and National Register of Historic Places evaluations within a 790-acre site proposed for a new Arkansas power generation project for Dynegy Services Plum Point LLC.

Caney River Wind Farm
Location: Elk County, Kan.
Client: Tradewind Energy

Threatened and endangered species surveys, wetland delineation, habitat assessment, cultural resources survey, noise analysis, shadow flicker analysis, avian stick nest survey, and other services for the development and construction of the Caney River Wind Farm southeast of Wichita, Kan., for Tradewind Energy.

Carson to Suffolk Land Acquisition
Location: Southeast Virginia
Client: Dominion Virginia Power

Land acquisition and surveying services relating to the routing of the Carson to Suffolk 500-kV Transmission Line Project in southeast Virginia for Dominion Virginia Power.

Combined-Cycle Combustion Turbine
Location: Arizona
Client: Confidential

Site identification and evaluation, development assistance, permitting and engineering for a baseload combined-cycle combustion turbine in Arizona.

Compliance Management for Title V Permit
Location: Warrensburg, Mo.
Client: University of Central Missouri

Audit of the University of Central Missouri campus for compliance with the Clean Air Act and Title V permit.

Construction Permitting & Plant Application
Location: Maryville, Mo.
Client: Carbolytic Materials Co. LLC

Preparation of air construction permit application and tire processing plant application for a production facility in Maryville, Mo., for Carbolytic Materials Co. LLC.

Desktop Review & Field Surveys
Location: Montana
Client: Exelon Wind LLC

Desktop environmental and permitting review for a potential wind farm project in western Montana, followed by field surveys, for Exelon Wind LLC.

Environmental Permitting for Baseload Coal-Fired Units
Location: Sussex and Dendron, Va.
Client: Old Dominion Electric Cooperative

Environmental permitting and licensing services for a new coal-fired power plant for Old Dominion Electric Cooperative at two potential sites in Virginia.

Environmental Review for New Transmission Line
Location: Northwestern North Dakota
Client: Basin Electric Cooperative

Environmental review assistance in preparation for apporximately 190 miles of new 345-kV transmission line in northwestern North Dakota for Basin Electric Cooperative.

Environmental Support for Biomass Plant
Location: Warrenton, Ga.
Client: Oglethorpe Power Corp.

Environmental services related to a proposed 100-megawatt biomass power plant proposed near Warrenton, Ga., for Oglethorpe Power Corp.

Generation Station Compliance
Client: Wisconsin Public Service Corp.

316(b) studies at five power generation facilities with once-through cooling for Wisconsin Public Service Corp.

Generation Station Noise Project
Location: Rhinelander, Wis.

Environmental and permitting studies for the construction and operations of a proposed 106-MW circulating fluidized bed unit that would provide a design flow of 161,000 pounds/hour process steam to a paper mill.

Glenbrook Cables Transmission Project
Location: Western Connecticut
Client: Connecticut Light & Power

Encroachment, land acquisition, environmental permitting and permit compliance services to Connecticut Light & Power for an 8.7-mile underground transmission project through densely populated portions of southwestern Connecticut.

Highway Noise Project
Location: Central Missouri

Preparation of an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for a four-lane upgrade of a freeway and bridge and possible relocation.

Impingement Mortality Studies
Location: LaCygne, Kan., and Montrose, Mo.
Client: Kansas City Power & Light

Impingement monitoring at two Kasnas City Power & Light plants to evaluate cooling water intake structures for 316(b) compliance.

Jacksboro-Parker Cultural Resources Survey
Location: Jack, Wise and Parker counties, Texas
Client: Oncor Electric Delivery Co. LLC

Cultural resources survey of a 41-mile long, 150-foot wide right-of-way through three Texas counties for Oncor Electric Delivery.

Lompoc Energy Generation Project
Location: Santa Barbara, Calif.
Client: Acciona Energy North America

Leadership of the environmental quality assurance program for a 3,000-acre wind energy generation project south of Lompoc, Calif., for Acciona Energy North America.

Maine Power Reliability Program Land Acquisition
Location: Central and Southern Maine
Client: Central Maine Power

Transmission line design, routing and construction management for 437.5 miles of new or rebuilt transmission line for Central Maine Power. Stakeholder management solutions include community relations, real estate management and right-of-way acquisition.

Maine Power Reliability Program Permitting
Location: Maine
Client: Central Maine Power Co.

Encroachment services for a project including five new power substations and 450 miles of new or rebuilt transmission line for Central Maine Power.

Meridian Way Wind Farm
Location: Cloud County, Kan.
Client: Horizon Wind Energy

Engineering design for the collection system, substation and transmission for Horizon Wind Energy's Meridian Way Wind Farm in Cloud County, Kan.

Middletown-Norwalk Permitting
Location: Southwestern Connecticut
Client: Connecticut Light & Power

Encroachment and land acquisition services to Connecticut Light & Power for 45 miles of overhead and 24 miles of underground transmission line.

Midwest Transmission Project
Location: Northwest Missouri/Southeast Nebraska
Client: Kansas City Power & Light, Omaha Public Power District

Route selection, public involvement and permitting for a proposed 160-mile transmission line for Kansas City Power & Light and Omaha Public Power District.

North Central Missouri Wind Energy
Location: North Central Missouri
Client: Confidential

An environmental and permitting review for a confidential client for a proposed wind energy project in north central Missouri, including review of wetlands, protected species, cultural resources, land use, floodplains, airport proximity and sensitive areas.

Osage Reservoir Restoration Project
Location: Osage City, Kan.
Client: City of Osage City

A feasibility study and subsequent services to assist in the restoration of a city public water supply lake in Osage City, Kan.

Pipeline Fuel Release
Location: Nemaha, Neb.
Client: Magellan Midstream LP

Emergency response and recovery and preparation of Section 404 permit application and habitat assessment in response to a release of fuel from two pipelines near Nemaha, Neb., for Magellan.