Julee Koncak

Julee Koncak
Foundation Director
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Improving Communities, with Hearts and Hands

Our work matters — to us, to the clients we serve, and to the communities where we live and work. So it came naturally to us to create a green exhibit booth that would improve the economic well-being and quality of life within the community where one of our industry trade shows took place.

We partnered with the Atlanta Community Food Bank and Community Gardens to create an exhibit booth with a structure that became food for families after the conference. The purchase or donation of needed resources through local partners kept transportation impacts at a minimum.

The details of the no-waste, green, community-supporting booth:

  • We purchased 2,138 pounds of food from a local Costco, which translated to 24,750 meals donated to the food bank after the show.
  • Our booth's carbon footprint was reduced by shipping only the small weight of fabric panels. Shipping was offset by the purchase of plants, which were later donated to the community gardens.
  • The carpet tile in the booth was provided by InterfaceFLOR and made from post-consumer recycled yarn.
  • Furnishings were provided by Steelcase. The tables and seating are Cradle-to-Cradle certified, a program for measuring environmentally intelligent design.
  • Operating the booth without projection and lighting reduced the carbon footprint by 200 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions.
  • Burns & McDonnell purchased carbon offsets from the Carbon Trust, which offsets the transportation and lodging impact of employee-owners attending the conference.

When Families and Communities Win, We All Win!