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Julee Koncak
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Inspired by the Environment; Engaged in the Classroom

Inspired by the Environment; Engaged in the Classroom

Burns & McDonnell and the Center School District in Kansas City, Mo., are getting students' hands dirty. Through the Learn Green. Live Green. program, we have created a 10-year environmental education partnership that will give students hands-on experience in learning how to protect, transform and sustain their environment.

Through this program, the school building and grounds become interactive classrooms that teach students how to become good guardians of their planet:

  • Kindergarteners will grow the organic vegetables they eat for lunch.
  • Grade school students will research the water cycle in their outdoor rain garden classroom.
  • Middle school students will study ecosystems in their constructed wetland.
  • High school students will learn about alternative energy from the solar panels on their roof.

Our Environmental Education Projects:

  • An outdoor rain garden classroom at Center Elementary School features vegetation that naturally cleans pollutants carried through rainwater.
  • Community gardens, also at Center Elementary School, will be irrigated by a rainwater harvesting an storage system and will provide fruits and vegetables for the school and community.
  • A greenhouse at the Center Alternative School will cultivate garden seedlings and native plants — and provide an opportunity for a green jobs internship program for the district's high school students.

Our Learn Green. Live Green. program is not just an interactive classroom for students. Over the next few years, it will reach into the surrounding neighborhood as a multimillion-dollar project that uses green solutions to help control stormwater.