Employee-Owner Testimonials

Burns & McDonnell is a great place to work. Don’t believe us? Hear it from our employee-owners.

Why Burns & McDonnell Employee-Owners Love Their Jobs

Jeff Allen, PE | Project Manager, Construction/Design-Build, Houston
"At my previous employer, opportunities for growth in engineer-procure-construct were limited, and there wasn't a sense of ownership. Now at Burns & McDonnell, I have the opportunity to work on the planning side of the project, which has given me the opportunity to expand my capabilities. Being employee-owned, there's a collaborative atmosphere where everyone pitches in across the company."

Adrienne Bash, PE | Civil Engineer, Transmission & Distribution, Houston
"Working at Burns & McDonnell is not just a job, it's a career. I am encouraged to learn more and grow to better myself, my career and the firm. Often, we have opportunities to manage up and down. This fosters a team atmosphere where everyone holds themselves accountable and will put in extra effort to see their co-workers succeed. It is rewarding to work with driven individuals who take pride in their work and their careers."

David Bash, PE | Structural Engineer, Aviation & Facilities, Houston
"Our MacCulture is contagious and very real. There is something truly special around here. People do not simply punch a timecard or do barely enough to get by. People stay late or come in early to meet deadlines. People communicate well with clients and each other. People help one another both professionally and personally. MacCulture is the driving force behind our ultimate mission to make our clients successful."

Michael Dempsey, PE | Department Manager, OnSite Energy & Power, Fort Worth
"I made the right decision by coming to Burns & McDonnell. In my past, I've worked for several large AE firms, an investor-owned electric utility and a privately held consulting firm. Burns & McDonnell is by far the most technically and business savvy of all the places I've worked. We have a vast depth of knowledge and expertise. Any issue that arises on a project can be solved by reaching out to our deep pool of resources, and other offices and practice groups are always willing to pitch in and help."

Jeffrey Easton, PE, LEED AP | Mechanical Engineer, OnSite Energy & Power, Fort Worth
"The employee-ownership culture is truly a powerful concept. Everyone having skin in the game is the best motivator I can imagine, so it's not surprising that we continue to succeed in spite of the economic downturn. Had I started with Burns & McDonnell right out of school, I have no doubt I would be in a better place both professionally and financially. Over one's career, I'm not aware of a place that can reward their top performers better than Burns & McDonnell. I particularly like that our compensation is tied to how well we perform. With Burns & McDonnell, you will see direct returns on the extra effort invested."

Travis Layton, PE | Civil Site Engineer, Transmission & Distribution, Houston
"As a growing, thriving company with diverse service offerings, Burns & McDonnell provides many people the opportunity and flexibility to forge his or her own path inside the company's walls."

Cole Luke, PE | Mechanical Engineer, OnSite Energy & Power, Fort Worth
"At Burns & McDonnell, there are as many opportunities as you're willing to work for. If you share what you want to accomplish, your supervisor will see to it that you are working in your desired direction."

Adam Matthiesen, PE | Civil Engineer, Transmission & Distribution, Houston
"Career growth is one of the top reasons I chose Burns & McDonnell. My supervisors have always allowed me to take on as much responsibility as I could handle, which has allowed me to grow tremendously in the short time I've worked at the firm. I also have many opportunities to grow my technical skills through lunch-and-learns and seminars."

Jeff Quaratino, PE | Structural Engineer, Process & Industrial, Houston
"We work on a variety of challenging and rewarding projects and have the opportunity to participate in many aspects of project execution. Our leadership values and appreciates commitment, hard work and a tenacious eye for detail in our deliverables. Couple that with the added financial benefit of our Employee Stock Ownership Plan and the bonus program, and I do feel truly rewarded to work at Burns & McDonnell."

Elliott Robertson, PE | Chemical Engineer, Process & Industrial, Houston
"Entrepreneurial, go-getter attitudes are everywhere at Burns & McDonnell. We have the freedom to create and take on increased responsibility as employee-owners of the firm. And with our controlled growth, I don't have to constantly worry about layoffs. But the most important reason I work at Burns & McDonnell is because of the extraordinary people. I'm part of an energetic team who enjoys their work and likes to have fun."

Gustavo Rodriguez, PE | Electrical Engineer, Transmission & Distribution, Houston
"Burns & McDonnell is truly a pay-for-performance company, in part, because we own this place. We put in the effort, and Burns & McDonnell takes care of us. Year after year, I feel rewarded."

Dana Steph, PE | Civil Engineer, Transmission & Distribution, Houston
"Burns & McDonnell is not your typical engineering firm. It's a great place to build a career and friendships in addition to the rewarding employee-ownership culture. I have never felt my contributions or accomplishments go unnoticed. We have a strong entrepreneurial dynamic across our company. If there's a new market sector or client you want to pursue, you can. Just present your plan to management, perform and the results are unlimited."