Capitalizing on Personal Challenges
Lisa Morris enjoys the Burns & McDonnell support of opportunities for social and competitive interaction with colleagues outside her department.
Involved, Engaged and Effective
Craig Demmel explains how working at Burns & McDonnell puts his people skills to work and lets him take responsibility for projects that make a difference in the world.
Growth Opportunities Nationwide
Jeannelia Liu describes the doors that are open around the country in all types of work.
Celebrating Shared Success
Gabe Hernandez values the connection he makes with co-workers who work hard on the team and kick back together after a successful job is done.
A Great Team, A Great Culture
Meghan Lyons celebrates the culture of teamwork inherent in an employee-owned company and the international opportunities she has discovered.
Easing the Transition Through Mentorship
Jamey Bertram describes the way the Burns & McDonnell mentor program made his transition into the company a smooth experience.
Taking Ownership in Success
Jeff Reid describes how employee-ownership is a critical part of the Burns & McDonnell culture, enabling everyone to contribute to both corporate and client success.
Project Diversity Creates Opportunity
Quentin Slate shares how diverse projects and assignments create opportunities for him as an electrical engineer in the Burns & McDonnell Atlanta office
Seeing Results, on Site and in the Office
Sarah Darmitzel likes seeing her designs take shape on the job and having an employer that sees where she can make an impact.
More Than Fun and Games
Justin Schnegelberger tells how his internship experience at Burns & McDonnell gave his post-college career a jump start.
Internships: A Springboard to Opportunity
Mark Leise knew right away that the Chicago office was the place for him, with great mentoring, varied projects and a chance to move ahead.
Building for the Future
Carles Miller shares how he reaches out to high schools to mentor future engineers and describes his freedom to take control of his career at Burns & McDonnell.