Loyalty, Fellowship and Collective Success

Our sign reads Burns & McDonnell, but a lot of people simply call us Burns & Mac. That name reflects our culture. We're not into artificial corporate standards or fancy inflated job titles. We just get the job done. We support each other. We work as a team to make our clients happy, and we make sure we can enjoy doing it. That's Burns & Mac.

We're a culture that values loyalty, both to the organization and to your fellow employee-owners. Our turnover is very low, and that's because we work hard to give our people opportunities to advance their career within our organization.

We're a culture that values fellowship. We believe that work and fun aren't at cross-purposes. Our team is built with supportive, energetic and friendly people, so it's no surprise when our employee-owners enjoy being around each other. From intramural sport teams to frequent corporate social activities, you won't just have colleagues. You'll make friends.

We're a culture that values a collective success. We've enjoyed 10 percent job growth over the past ten years, a decade that's been challenging to many firms like ours. Yet we've thrived. We credit our entrepreneurial atmosphere, where everyone has an equal chance to make an impact. We celebrate our milestones, our people, our projects and our history. And we benefit from a pretty special camaraderie and spirit that keeps us all moving forward in the same direction.