Paying the Price

Who Will Be Impacted Most If There Is a Change in
S Corporation ESOP Tax Status

Any decision to change the tax status of S Corporation ESOPs will have significant impacts on employee-owners throughout the United States. The people at Burns & McDonnell, whose long-term financial independence will be most dramatically impacted, will be the those without technical degrees.

The video immediately below is the product of a series of interviews with Burns & McDonnell employee owners. To keep the video short, only a fraction of the on-camera interviews were used in the main video. You’ll see the remainder of the responses below, organized by the question asked.

Questions and video responses:

1. What is so great about the Burns & McDonnell ESOP as it is currently constituted?


2. What has the ESOP meant to you personally?


3. Tell me how you think the ESOP makes Burns & McDonnell a better place to work.


4. Tell me how the ESOP has changed the life of another fellow employee-owner.


5. What impact does the S Corp ESOP have on employee commitment?

6. What is your reaction when you receive the quarterly and annual dividend email?


7. Why do you think the tax laws should remain the same regarding the S Corp ESOP status?


8. Do you think you would have saved this much for retirement without the ESOP?

9. What would you tell a member of congress about the proposed S Corp ESOP tax law change?

10. What are the far-reaching ramifications of the Burns & McDonnell S Corp ESOP tax status?