Thinking Like an Owner

Burns & McDonnell employees think and act like owners because they all have a stake in the company's financial performance. The success of the firm directly affects individual owner success.

At Burns & McDonnell, we talk about the culture of ownership. It shows in the pride we take in how we treat our clients, approach our jobs, treat each other and celebrate our success.

Understanding the Employee-Owner Culture

Sometimes, a corporate culture can best be described by the people who know it best: the employees — or employee-owners. It means different things to different people, but it boils down to this: It's a great place to work. Go here to see how several employee-owners feel about their jobs, their company, their ESOP. 

Taking Ownership in Success
Jeff Reid describes how employee-ownership is a critical part of the Burns & McDonnell culture, enabling everyone to contribute to both corporate and client success.