What to Expect: New on the Job

You'll quickly find that Burns & McDonnell is a welcoming place, with a well-honed process designed to let you jump right in and colleagues ready to support you in any way. But with every new opportunity comes just a few nerves, so here's some insight into what you'll experience in your first few weeks.

Get Oriented

Your first week will be filled with opportunity: the chance to meet your team and begin shaping your career path. But it all starts with a comprehensive orientation designed to answer your questions about operations, benefits or anything else you need to know. We'll give you the tools and knowledge you need to succeed from day one.

Meet Your Mentor

You'll find a friendly attitude from all your colleagues, but it's nice to identify one person as your primary sounding board. Your mentor is specifically chosen to be relevant to you and your areas of interest. They can answer technical questions, introduce you to people you need to know and help you feel settled and supported.

Jump Right In

No need to watch from the sidelines; our new employees can jump right in. You'll train on the job with the constant support of your team and your mentor, enjoying the collaborative environment that leads to personal and project success. Work to show off your talents and drive, and your roles will evolve to meet your potential.


The most important things we can give you as you begin your career at Burns & McDonnell are trust and responsibility. The contributions you make in your everyday work are vital to the success of our company, and we recognize that right away. Your career path is up to you. Find what you love to do at Burns & McDonnell — professionally and socially — and give it your all. You'll thrive.