Majors & Disciplines

The broad range of services we offer our clients requires a variety of people with varying degrees, experiences and expertise. Among the typical disciplines we hire:

Architecture Construction Management
Architectural Engineering Electrical Engineering
Business Professionals Environmental Engineering 
Chemical Engineering Environmental Science/Geology
Civil Engineering Mechanical Engineering
Computer-Aided Drafting and Design Structural Engineering


Pursue your career in architecture in our Aviation & Facilities, Healthcare & Research Facilities or Infrastructure groups. Within our integrated team approach, you will have the opportunities to work with LEED Accredited Professionals representing all disciplines. Project work may include: master planning; programming; and architecture and interior design for military hangars, educational facilities, water treatment facilities, hospitals, clinics, laboratories and research facilities.

Architectural Engineering

Opportunities exist for architectural engineers within our Aviation & Facilities, Business & Technology Services and Healthcare & Research Facilities groups. Typical projects may include: HVAC systems, plumbing and fire protection design, LEED design, refrigeration systems, combined heat and power facilities, exhaust heat recovery systems, energy conservation systems, and sustainable design.

Business Professionals

Find your niche as a consultant within our Business & Technology Services group or supporting the entire company within our Operations group. As a consultant, you may work on information management projects or conduct economic studies. Business professionals with expertise in areas such as information technology, marketing, finance, human resources, graphic design and technical writing help keep the company running smoothly.

Chemical Engineering

Design manufacturing and industrial processes, reduce emissions from power plants, develop air quality controls that make energy generation cleaner for the environment. We look for individuals with knowledge in unit operations, including: distillation; evaporation; absorption; adsorption; extraction; separation; reaction; heat exchange; liquid and gas handling; waste incineration; utility systems; mixing; fermentation; and extrusion.

Civil Engineering

Pursue opportunities within our Aviation & Facilities, Environmental, Environmental Studies & Permitting, Energy, Infrastructure or Transmission & Distribution groups. Assignments may include: grading and drainage; pavement design; site development; and utility design and layout.

Computer-Aided Drafting and Design (CADD)

Opportunities exist within most of our practice areas for individuals with CADD expertise. You may have the opportunity to work on assignments related to the design of power plants, process and industrial facilities, transmission lines, airports and hangars, or water/wastewater treatment plants.

Construction Management

Build your career with our Construction Group. This group works with all engineering groups to construct their designs, including power plants, process and industrial facilities, transmission lines, airports and hangars, or water/wastewater treatment plants. Project work may include: estimating, cost control, scheduling, procurement and safety.

Electrical Engineering

Fill key roles in our Energy, Aviation & Facilities, Transmission & Distribution, Process & Industrial, Infrastructure and Construction divisions. Project work may include: electrical systems; lighting design; telecommunications/data systems; instrumentation and control systems; power distribution systems; relay protection electric equipment; and electrical system modeling.

Environmental Engineering

Work in our Environmental, Environmental Studies & Permitting or Infrastructure Group. You may also have the opportunity to design and build water/wastewater, stormwater and water supply systems or perform air dispersion modeling and prepare air permit applications. Project work may include: air quality control; air quality permitting and compliance; noise modeling and monitoring; solid/hazardous waste handling; and remediation.

Environmental Science/Geology

Use your expertise to help our clients clear the environmental compliance and permitting hurdles to complete their projects. Join our team of specialists in natural resources, wildlife biology, fisheries biology, wetlands, erosion control, cultural resources, urban/environmental planning, meteorology, environmental sciences and geology. Participate as part of a project team to complete routing studies for transmission lines, conduct wetland delineations and prepare Section 404 wetland permit applications/mitigation, prepare air permits for construction and operation of facilities, produce water quality permit applications and stormwater pollution prevention plans, prepare environmental assessments and environmental impact statements, collect water quality, sediment samples and fish for permit compliance, and conduct siting studies for new facilities.

Mechanical Engineering

Build your career developing energy efficiency processes, designing process and industrial facilities, airports and hangars, power plants and water/wastewater treatment plants. Gain experience in: refrigeration systems; compressed air systems; piping and pumping systems; chemical processing systems; HVAC systems; and equipment design specifications.

Structural Engineering

Jump start your career in our Aviation & Facilities, Infrastructure, Process & Industrial, Energy and Transmission & Distribution groups. Assignments may include: foundation design; retaining walls; bridge design; transmission structures; building and facility design; and steel and masonry design.