K-12 Outreach

We’re invested in educational outreach at Burns & McDonnell. At the core of this effort — and others — is our strong commitment to STEM (science, technology, engineering and math). We believe STEM education is crucial to ensuring our country’s competitiveness and future. So we’ve developed programs to share our world with students, teachers and parents, from job shadowing to classroom initiatives.

Increasing interest and knowledge in engineering and related careers is good for everyone.

  • It’s good for you. Students who are skilled in STEM topics will see a bright future. Over the past decade, growth in STEM jobs was three times faster than other jobs. That trend will continue; 15 of the 20 fastest growing occupations projected for 2014 will require significant STEM preparation. STEM professionals have more job opportunities and earn 26 percent more than other workers.

  • It’s good for us. When we get students excited about these careers, we’re creating great future employee-owners. It’s in our best interest to build relationships now with the best and the brightest STEM workers of the next generation. We’re changing the world today. You’ll help us change the world tomorrow.

Emily Rhoden
K-12 Outreach
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At Burns & McDonnell, we’re excited to share what we do.

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  • You’re ready to meet the future head on. And we’re ready to help. See what we offer Students.
  • Encouragement starts at home. As your students begin to explore the options for their future, see how we can help Parents.